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Update 17.22

Greetings Fellow Chiropractors;
I am pleased to announce the latest version of EZNotes (V:17.22) is ready to be downloaded.  This update has something that has been in the works for quite sometime.
Remember it is your suggestions that determine the focus of updates.   
Below is what to expect with this update:


1.  More images and quotes have been added to the Kiosk.


2.  A few potential misspellings have been identified and corrected.


3.  You can now elect to use PT Muscle Strength Testing in Exam By Regions.  To do this, go to Set Up > More Reg Visit > More Customizations > check Use PT Muscle Strength > Save.  There is no need to restart EZNotes when making this change.  Future updates will allow for more muscle strength testing the ability to utilize it in other places throughout EZNotes.


4.  The download page on the Website has been modified so if you are using a boomarked page to access the updates, please enter throught he website eznotesinc.com and press downloads.


5.  There is a new EZNotes Updater with this update which should make the updates slightly faster.


6.  The Instruction Manual has been updated to reflect some of the additions of EZNotes.




Be well,
Dr. Russ Manktelow
AZ Phone: 480.535.6903
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