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Update 17.23

Greetings Fellow Chiropractors;
I am pleased to announce the latest version of EZNotes (V:17.03) is ready to be downloaded.  This update has something that has been in the works for quite sometime and should make things much easier for everyone.
Remember it is your suggestions that determine the focus of updates.   I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with this year.
Below is what to expect with this update:


1.  More images and quotes have been added to the Kiosk.


2.  For SQL users in the Data Mine, you can now elect to create a list of every patient and the date of their first SOAP Note.  This is done by going to Reports > Datamine > Query type = SOAP Notes > What Looking For = Date of 1st SOAP NoteSearch.  You can then sort the list by the visits date or the patient’s UIN..


3.  SQL users can now elect to use the Data Mine to find a list of each patient’s first Exam and most recent Exam..


4.  Ulnar Radiation and Ulnar Deviation as well as Foot/Ankle tests have been added to the PT Muscle Strength screen in Exam.


5.  The Instruction Manual has been updated to reflect some of the additions of EZNotes.


6.  You can now elect to use Specific Spinal Ranges Of Motion in the Treatment Plan for Goals (ie.  Increase cervical Flexion By 25%).  There is a button called Specific ROM on the main Goals page.




Be well,
Dr. Russ Manktelow
AZ Phone: 480.535.6903



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Great! thanks a bunch...esp for updating the manual so I don't have to bug Dr Silbert so much!

I am new to the program, but here are some things I see ...
in no specific order

on the medicare codes page the boxes are too high cutting off m99.01.

Antalgic posture screen... I can only pick one and the screen disappeares, but some pts have more than one antalgic posture.

on Travel card the listing font is smaller than rest and harder to read, also the font size on route slip page is too small. ( the screen at the end aka superbill ).  

Twice now I lost an almost completed note completely GONE because I tried to look up a dx code or thought I was in a subscreen and clicked the 'X"  Can you add a warning box asking are we sure before losing all that work?

on Choose extremity adjusting screen, cannot pick a side and I would like to remember which side I worked on last come the next appointment. Plus it matters for ICD 10 codes to document that.  

Look forward to learning more about what this software can do.

Jill House, DC
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