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Update 18.07

Greetings fellow Chiropractors
I am pleased to announce the latest version of EZ Notes V:18.07.  As always it is your suggestions that etermine the focus of updates, so please keep them coming.
Below, is what to expect with update:
1.  A new button Office Flow has been added to the EZNotes Main Screen while the button Impairment Ratings has been moved to the Dr Tools screen.
2.  The Office Flow button (note this is for SQL Users Only) will give a real time snap shot of what is going on with your office and will update on its own every 20 seconds.  It will include colored items to let you know who has been checked in through scheduler.  Who has been checked in but not had notes finished, who has had their notes finished, who were walk ins (not on schedule and note checked in), who had completed notes and if their charges were posted or sent to a 3rd party.  Plus this new screen allows you correct or change someone’s status as far if they were checked in.  This screen could be used to ensure that the all of the notes were done and in real time to let you know if there is a patient late (they will turn red)  and you can click them and get their cell and home number to give them call.

3.  The Instructional Manual has been updated.

4.  More items will transfer between Send and Get Custom Changes

Be well,
Dr. Russ Manktelow
AZ Phone: 480.535.6903
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