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I want to let everyone know of an issue that is going on right now with ACN and decompression.  If you are a participating provider for ACN, you should not use decompression on their patients.  Some docs have been told the reason is because ACN does not believe the decompression is effective, but from my perspective I am not buying it.

When you use decompression you become more likely to refer out for an MRI.  The problem isn't that the patient needs an MRI, the problem becomes people contracted through them are ordering MRIs instead of other providers.  Ultimately, these charges go through them and increase the cost per patient and decrease the profits. 

For those of you that will continue to do decompression on your patients that have ACN insurance, because it is helping them avoid surgery.  Perhaps, in your documentation you could call it mechanical traction and avoid problems with them, but I do not think it would be in your best interest to bill out for mechanical traction.
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