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All:  I put an exnotes shortcut on my desktop of my computer.  That way anytime I want to back up my customizations or do a manual backup of patient files, I can do that easily.  Here's how I did it for my PC laptop:

Step 1: Click on your “Start Menu” (Green button in the bottom left corner of desk top)

Step 2: Click on “My Computer”

Step 3: Click on “Local Disk (C : drive ” If your patients are stored on a server, (i.e. not on the C drive of the computer that you use for taking notes, go through your network to where the patient folder is located.

Step 4:  Right click on EZnotes and drag it on to the desktop.  It will give you options (move, copy or create shortcut).

Step 5:  Click Create Shortcut

You're done!  Now you can access the folder in a lot fewer steps.

Jay H

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